$150,000 worth of marijuana stolen from licensed business

Anchorage, Alaska (KINY) The stash of marijuana is lost to the business even if its recovered by police.

KTVA TV News reported that Danish Gardens was the victim of a smash and grab with the booty, freshly packaged marijuana.

Business owner Dane Wyrick said the suspects knew what they wanted and where to go as surveillance cameras caught the whole thing.  He said it was because the Alaska Marijuana regulators posted a floor plan online that showed the building, its rooms, inventories, and even camera locations.

Wyrick said the State and Muncipality of Anchorage, no matter what regulations, jeopardized personal safety and his business.  He noted his home address is also available online.  He urged the state to remove the information from their websites.

Wyrick has offered a $10,000 reward to try and solve the case.

Even if the marijuana is recovered, state laws won't allow the marijuana to be sold due to sanitation concerns.

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