31 Day Winter Moose Season for Unit 17A

Dillingham, AK (KINY) - In Dillingham, an Emergency Order from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced the opening of a 31-day winter moose hunting season in Game Management Unit 17A.

The hunting period will start on December 21st and continue through January 20th. The bag limit is two moose, but hunters who have already harvested a moose during the current regulatory year are able to take on additional moose.

This order comes from a March 2017 aerial survey that estimated 2,076 moose were in Unit 17A, which is well above the population objective. To keep harvests within sustainable limits, the antlerless season will be closed by emergency order and federal announcement when 30 cows have been harvested. The bull harvest will be closed by similar actions when 20 bulls have been taken.

To participate, hunters must possess a valid Alaska state hunting license (reminder: 2018 licenses are required beginning January 1) and at least one state registration permit (RM575 and/or RM576). Hunters will be allowed to harvest one antlered bull if they have registration permit RM575 in their possession and/or one antlerless moose if they have permit RM576. Hunters are required to have both permits to shoot two moose (one antlered bull and one antlerless moose); those who have already taken a moose in fall 2017 can only shoot one additional moose.

Registration permits will be available at the department’s Dillingham office and Togiak Traditional Council office. Successful hunters are required to report to the department’s Dillingham office (phone: 907-842-2334) or the Togiak Traditional Council (phone: 907-493-5003) within 24 hours of killing a moose. All permit reports must be returned to the department by February 5, 2018.

Alaska Hunting Maps can be found here.

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