Action Line: CBJ Deputy Mayor discusses next steps for equal rights ordinance

An ordinance sponsored by Deputy Mayor Jesse Kiehl that aims to ensure equal rights for Juneau residents regardless of race, age, or sexual preferences was heard at last night's special Assembly meeting

A public hearing on a proposed equal rights ordinance for Juneau was the sole agenda item for last evening's special Assembly Committee of the Whole meeting.

The sponsor, Deputy Mayor Jesse Kiehl, was asked about the next steps while a guest on Action Line Tuesday.

"It'll come up at a future Committee of the Whole meeting for amendments, and - assuming it has the support on the Assembly to move forward, which I hope it does - it looks like it may be taken up at the regular Assembly meeting on August 1st," responded Kiehl. "There's some extra steps, and some extra time frame on this to make sure that it's well considered."

Kiehl was asked what spurred him to introduce the ordinance.

"Constituents asked. I had neighbors and friends here in Juneau that came in and talked about the need that they saw. A couple of people who had themselves been discriminated against either at work or in their housing because they were gay, lesbian, or transgendered asked if I would take the lead with my colleagues on the Assembly and draft an equal rights ordinance."

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