Action Line: Docks and Harbors officials discuss state of Aurora Harbor project

Port Director Carl Uchytil and Harbor Master Dave Borg discuss project with host Pete Carran.

Top CBJ Docks and Harbors Department officials provided an update on phase 2 of the Aurora Harbor project while guests on Action Line Wednesday.

Port Director Carl Uchytil was asked about the design fee for the project which is before the Board of Director's Finance and Operations and Planning Committees this week and on the full board's agenda next week.

"This is to award the design efforts to our engineering consultant to start designing and figuring out how we're going to execute this project," Uchytil replied.

The department conducted a public meeting last week to get input on the project. Harbormaster Dave Borg was asked how it went, who said there was a great turnout.

"I believe we had about 50 folks show up," said Borg. "We had a pretty lengthy discussion on what some of our options would be for moving floathouses, doing construction, and that sort of thing."

Uchytil said the main challenge will be moving the three main floats that house the boat shelters.

We asked about the project's time line.

"We anticipated at one time we could complete this project this winter, but hearing the feedback from the public, that's not a good time to be relocating people in the harbor system," Uchytil explained. "A more rational approach is to work towards a project that would start shortly after 2017 Salmon Derby weekend and trying to get the project done between September and November. It's not a really complicated project, except for relocating these boat shelters."

The port director also said that they're still waiting for $2 million in state grant funding for the project.  He's hopeful Governor Walker will sign the bill including that funding soon.

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