Action Line: Juneau School Board to hold special meeting Wednesday

School Board to meet at noon in the Glacier Conference Room at the District Office for ratification of a contract for administrators.

The Juneau School Board conducts a special meeting over the noon hour Wednesday to take up ratification of a contract for administrators.

Board member Sean O'Brien was asked about that Action Line Monday.

The administrator's contract is a  proposed three year pact just like the contracts with teachers and support staff that were ratified recently by the board and the employee groups.

The new contracts are the result of a new system dubbed "Interest Based Bargaining."  The three year terms follow a series of one year contracts.

O'Brien said  that the longer contract lengths offer stability.

"Not having that uncertainty hanging over their heads and having the ability to look forward for the next three years is really significant, I think. We so appreciate everybody coming together, teachers and support staff in particular; that was really not easy. In a community that is expensive with expensive housing, the very fact that they all stepped up to that degree and realized the incredible budget crisis we have going on in this community and - more importantly - in this state. We're willing to accept a very modest proposal and work through that. It's a remarkable statement about our teachers and staff. We couldn't be happier under the circumstances. "

We asked what the board is likely to do on ratification of the contract with administrators.

"I don't want to speak ahead of the process, but I would say the trend is that when you get a modest proposal that recognizes our budget situation, it tends to be looked at vert favorably. I wouldn't say more than that, because you don't want to interrupt the process."

Wednesday's meeting is scheduled to take place in the Glacier Conference Room at the District Office at noon.

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