Photos and interviews: The Father Andrew P. Kashevaroff State Library, Archives and Museum opening

Juneau Radio Center's Mike Clasby provides photos from the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Father Andrew P. Kashevaroff State Library, Archives and Museum. Hear the interviews with the governor, mayor, and others.

Juneau Radio Center's Mike Clasby was live on the scene at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the State Libraries, Archives and Museums Building, taking pictures and interviewing Governor Bill Walker, Mayor Ken Koelsch, Deputy Mayor Jesse Kiehl and Museum Director Linda Thibideau. Listen to the interviews below. Click on an image below to see a larger version.

Governor Bill Walker:

Deputy Mayor Jesse Kiehl:

Museum Director Linda Thibideau:

Mayor Ken Koelsch:

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The ribbon cutting for the State Libraries, Archives and Museums Building is set for Monday.

While a guest on Action Line Friday, Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums Deputy Director Bob Banghart stated that the projected timelines were spot-on, and the cost came in a little bit under budget.

Banghart was asked to underscore the importance of the facility to the state.

"The importance of this, and what was driving our whole effort, was to create new, state-of-the-art expanded collection storage," responded Banghart. "This gave us an opportunity; if we had done nothing more than require property and built the vaults, we would've succeeded in mission. The fact that we got to build front-of-house, add two conservation labs, and all the accoutrements that come with a building of that stature was gravy from our point of view. We're half empty, which is the way you open things correctly."

He was also asked about the specific importance to Juneau given the CBJ Willoughby District Improvement Plan.

"I'm hoping that we become a real keystone for the region's revitalization; I've noticed some of the neighbors are painting their buildings, which is a nice sign."

The ceremony is scheduled for Monday, June 6th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Banghart hopes to conduct it outside, weather permitting. Otherwise, it will be moved inside the new facility.

(Photo by Marylee Schmitz)

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