Alaska Department of Corrections working on furlough policy

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Alaska jails have requested more discretion when it comes to determining whether an inmate should receive a furlough.

The current law forbids jails from granting furloughs to inmates who have been investigated or a disciplinary action in the previous four months.  At the moment, that inmate might not be eligible for a furlough for an indefinite period.

A furlough is defined as the release of an inmate into a halfway house which helps them reintegrate into society.  They are only available within three years of the inmates release date.  Experts said this is a good way of reintroducing an inmate into society and can help in the transition and reduce the amount of times they re-offend.

Public comments on the rule change are accepted through today.  Prison spokesperson said jail officials want more flexibility to use their discretion when they make these decisions.  They emphasize that any inmate who is disciplined for a violent infraction while behind bars is rarely eligible for a furlough as it stands today.


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