Alaskan Senators look to add Fisheries to Disaster Relief

Juneau, AK (KINY) - Alaskan Senators Murkowski and Sullivan are looking for aid for communities affected by fishery disasters.

From a press release, senators of Washington, Oregon, California, and Alaska are asking colleagues to include disaster funding for those coastal communities while Congress is considering relief for those impacted by hurricanes and wildfires.

The senators urged swift action to provide emergency funding to communities that depend on resilient, sustainable, and healthy fisheries, highlighting how important the industry is to local economies and native communities, writing:

“In Pacific coastal states, fisheries support a diverse hub of commerce including shipbuilders, hotels, restaurants, and vessel support services among others. Prolonged diminished returns in fisheries have stifled economic development, threatened the financial stability of fishing families dependent upon the industry’s vitality, and severely endangered Native American subsistence and ceremonial harvests.”

This stems from a letter Murkowski and Sullivan co-authored back in October of 2017, which raised the fisheries disaster to their colleagues to also be included in any emergency supplemental appropriations bill.


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