Assembly Lands Committee Chair discusses development of affordable housing

According to Kate Troll, "The next step for Pederson Hill is for the plat to go to the Planning Commission."

The Assembly Lands Committee during a meeting recently suggested how to proceed on the Pederson Hill housing development project.

Kate Troll chairs the panel.

"The next step for Pederson Hill is for the plat to go to the Planning Commission," stated Troll. "I was wanting to have an additional worksession with the Affordable Housing Commission to revisit Perderson Hill to make sure this concept we have of small lots is really the best way forward. But, I was on the losing side of that vote, so we are proceeding with the plat going to the Planning Commission. It doesn't mean after the plat goes there that we can't tweak and adjust it; decisions about how much property to put on the market at once and how we distribute it have yet to be made."

The committee was also briefed on the Renninger Subdivision, which Troll says is further along.

"On three of the lots, we've made some decisions and we have a private equity financer interested in two of the lots, and we're asking our city staff to come back with another proposal that has less risks to the city. It's exciting to get some interest from people who have done what I would call workforce housing. They're interested in trying to use Juneau as a showcase for helping public/private partnerships work here."

Assembly Lands Committee Chair Kate Troll made her comments while a recent guest on Action Line.

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