CBJ Assembly: Three ordinances passed in public hearing

Funding provided for two wastewater projects and Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Cost Center, Traffic Code amended to be consistent with state law.

Under public hearing, three ordinances were heard, and all three passed unanimously with minimal discussion.

One of those ordinances provides $10,000,000 for two wastewater projects – Biosolids Treatment and Disposal and Headworks Improvements.

According to City Manager Rorie Watt, "$6 million will be partial funding for the biosolids project.  The project will receive an additional $10 million loan from ADEC in the next few months. $4 million will provide funding for the Treatment Plant Headworks Improvement Project."

$53,100 was approved as additional funding for the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Cost Center.

"This is a supplemental appropriation to the FY16 airport operating budget for additional expenses in the Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting cost center. The ARFF station responding capabilities must be increased to meet FAA requirements  for the higher frequency of large aircraft used by Alaska Airlines. FY16 airport revenues are projected to be sufficient for this increase in expenses."

Another ordinance passed amends the Traffic Code by making the code sections relating to driving without a valid license and driving with a canceled, suspended or revoked license - as well as any related penalties - identical to state law.

Juneau Police Chief Bryce Johnson also dropped by with a report for the Assembly.

One ordinance up for introduction deals with the temporary 3% sales tax, while another relates to taxation of marijuana.

Also, under new business, the Assembly is taking a look at a proposed marijuana cultivation facility.

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