CBJ bus driver helps pregnant lady

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A public transit bus driver with nursing experience knew the lady was struggling after she went grocery shopping.

The driver, who asked that only her first name be used, Roseann, said the lady was a regular patron on her bus.  She picked her up and took her to the grocery store and when she returned she was using a cane.  That peaked her suspicion so she watched the lady in her seat and noticed she had trouble breathing and that her breathing patterns were changing.

"I heard the word contractions and asked if everything was okay and the gentlemen she was with said she was in labor," she added.

She reassured the lady that she would get her to the hospital and that she had plenty of help around her, "I told her it is a great day for a birthday and she smiled."

She got help from 911 operators after she pulled the bus over in the Lemon Creek area.  She lined the floor of the bus with clean garbage bags so she could lie down and used her winter coat as a pillow to make her comfortable. 

"I told her I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere and you are doing beautifully."

Soon the crew from Capital City Fire Rescue arrived, determined she could be transported, and they took her to Bartlett Regional Hospital.  They reported the lady gave birth to a baby boy some time later.

Roseann said she was very pleased to have been in a position to help, "It was just a nice little thing.  Just to have a glimpse and a part of a baby that she carried for nine months.  I used to be a nurse 100 years ago and I'm pretty calm in medical situations.  I just get calmer and calmer and hopefully that is relayed to the person I'm speaking with."


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