CBJ public works meets

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The issue of electric buses was again on the agenda of a CBJ committee.

Public Works Director Roger Healy explained the studies involved in the costs of electric versus diesel.  While the purchase price of an electric bus is $1 million compared to a diesel price of $400,000, the CBJ could save money on maintenance and fuel costs.  Healy said the studies show that improved battery technology could reduce the price of operation and maintenance. This decline in costs could make the buses cost neutral over the expected life span of 12 years.

The CBJ plans to purchase an electric bus which should be delivered in 18 months.  They are scheduled to purchase seven buses during the 2022 fiscal year and they are expected to support more electric buses should they work in the Juneau area and climate.

Assembly member Norton Gregory said he opposed a $50 permit fee for electric cars.  The CBJ would like to install up to 14 charging stations in the borough.  They also discussed the purchase of property for a park and ride parking lot in the Mendenhall Valley. They also have three possible sites for a new valley transfer station for public transportation.

Committee member Beth Weldon urged the CBJ staff to take another look at the capital projects plan and put greater priority on a swimming pool project rather than work planned at Centennial Hall.

The committee also learned that actual costs of a vehicle wash area will cost $2.2 million, over twice the estimated costs.

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