Cruise ship navigators to blame for Ketchikan crash

Ketchikan, Alaska (KINY) More than $1 million in damage was done to the Ketchikan docks by a cruise ship last year.

A federal report on the crash blamed cruise ship's navigators for the boat crashing into a Ketchikan dock Berth 3 in June, 2016, the Ketchikan Daily News reported.

The National Transportation Board came to that conclusion.  A U.S. Coast Guard report concluded the crash resulted from a combination of factors like bad weather, choppy waters, speed, and a lack of local knowledge that tug boats were available to assist if needed.

The NTSB report placed the blame on the ship's master.  "The NTSB determines that the probable cause of the Celebrity Infinity striking the dock was the master's failure to plan, monitor and execute a safe docking evolution."




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