Dog Fight leads to Minor Injuries and Fired Gunshot

Juneau, AK (KINY) - Early this morning the Juneau Police Department responded to a call in the 4400 block of Columbia Blvd after a dog fight led to a gunshot fired and some minor injuries.

According to the press release, a dog sitter was walking a dog, when a second dog came into the street and attacked the leashed dogs. The owner of that dog and the one walking the other tried to break up the fight. A third party came out of their residence, saw both individuals being bitten, and then discharged a single round into the ground to deter the fight. The gunshot was enough to break the dogs up and the owner and sitter were able to get the animals under control.

One of the dogs was taken to the animal hospital for an evaluation. One dog owner may have sustained a broken hand, with the other sustained minor injuries. Animal control is looking into the dog bite, while JPD are investigating the discharge of a firearm.


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