Eaglecrest Energy High Despite Lack of Snow

Juneau, AK (KINY) - While Eaglecrest had a successful opening weekend, things have been pretty blue on the mountain due to a lack of snow. However, staff are keeping energy high.

At the Eaglecrest Board of Directors meeting, those gathered shared that despite a lack of snow, staff are keeping energy high and those coming to the mountain are enjoying themselves.

Stephanie Hoag of the Eaglecrest Board talked about the positive energy she's been told of.

"Well, I haven't been up there very much myself in the last week or two, but I've been hearing lots of random feedback from people around town and they’ve been telling me that it’s a fun place to be. There's lots of good feedback from people and there's really good energy up there and a positive attitude. People are having a good time."

"Of course, we hope for more snow."

The Board also wanted to thank season pass holders for their continued support. It was said that roughly 70% - 80% of revenue comes from those with a season pass. Eaglecrest will be keeping Porcupine open on the weekends, with tickets being $15. They also hope to move some rails to those areas for skiers and snowboarders with more experience to enjoy.

The addition of cabins was also discussed with hopes to have schematics and price estimates on the Trail Committee's January 19th meeting. The Board of Directors will meet again on February 1st.

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