Electric company sued in Kodiak

Kodiak, Alaska (KINY) Two insurance companies have filed litigation that claim Kodiak Electric Association was liable for damages from a fire caused by a downed power line.

The Kodiak Daily Mirror said Lexington Insurance Company and the Alaska Municipal League Joint Insurance Association allege the electric company was negligent, trespassed and created a nuisance.
A fire in August, 2015 near Chiniak started when trees fell onto a downed power line.   The litigation claimed the power line was owned and maintained by Kodiak Electric Association and claimed the firm was negligent because it should have known a certain spruce tree was in a dangerous condition.
The Lexington Insurance Company requested $400,000 in damages to pay for the money they shelled out to clients due to the fire.
Other claims are the residents were denied free use and enjoyment of their property and were trespassed upon because they did not authorize the Twin Peaks Fire Department to enter their property.

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