Gov. Dunleavy wants lawmakers to offer budget ideas

Gov. Micheal J. Dunleavy.

Juneau, Alaska (AP) - Gov. Mike Dunleavy says he's eager for the Alaska Legislature to offer alternatives for addressing the state's ongoing deficit.

Dunleavy says that while he attends an energy conference next week in Texas he hopes the legislature will "get serious" about budget proposals.

House and Senate lawmakers have been working through details of Dunleavy's budget, which was introduced last month.

His plan to fill a projected $1.6 billion deficit includes sweeping cuts to areas such as education, health and social service programs and the state ferry system and tax collection changes that would benefit the state but take money from some communities.

Dunleavy says his administration has laid out plans and he's waiting for lawmakers to lay out some of their own. He says he's interested in a long-term fiscal solution.

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