Grand jury indicts man who dragged police officer with vehicle

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Albert Mazon, 28, will face four criminal charges for an incident on March 2.

The grand jury indicted Mazon for two counts of assault in the first degree, assault in the second degree, assault in the third degree and assault in the fourth degree.

Juneau Police said an off-duty officer spotted Mazon and tried to arrest him for a parole violation in the 8100 block of Vintage Blvd.  Police said he was wanted on charges of escape and burglary in the second degree.

An on-duty officer approached the vehicle and ordered Mazon to step out of the vehicle.  He refused, Mazon put the vehicle in reverse, and struck the officer.  The officer was dragged several feet as he hung onto Mazon, Juneau Police added.

The vehicle went over a curb and stopped momentarily allowing the trapped officer to disengage and free himself. Mazon then lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a snow bank

The grand jury also indicted Mazon for an incident on Dec. 7.  In that incident Mazon is charged with failure to stop at the direction of a peace officer.  In this incident Mazon is accused of driving at a high rate of speed and failing to stop for a police vehicle in the area of Vintage Blvd.

The officer who was injured during the March 2nd assault is still off work, and is recovering from the injuries sustained during the arrest. The injuries are not believed to be serious at this time.

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