Hannan "gravely concerned" by Governor's budget plan

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Representative Sara Hannan is gravely concerned about the Governor's proposed budget for next fiscal year.

"Philosophy I agree with the Governor that we have to match our revenues to our spending.  I don't object to that sound bite or that goal, but I believe we need to generate more revenue and I don't think that we get to that balance by simply paying as big a dividend we can and cutting from programs that serve the most vulnerable Alaskans or preserve our quality of life."  She added that she doesn't think of a university system and K-12 public education as luxuries or things that government shouldn't spend money on.  "I think those are the essential functions," she said.

Hannan feels the Governor's budget places too much emphasis on enhanced Permanent Fund Dividends.  "If we as Alaskans would agree to about a $450 to $500 Permanent Fund Dividend check this year, we could balance the budget at the FY 19 level."  She added that the more spent on dividends, the more programs that will have to be cut.  Hannan observed that the biggest category of spending the Governor's proposed budget flows to the dividend program.  

Representative Hannan made her remarks on Action Line.


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