Hospital board talks finances and capital projects

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The regular monthly meeting of the Bartlett Regional Hospital Board focused on finances and the future.

The Bartlett Regional Hospital Board of Directors Tuesday night reviewed the Moss Adams report which is helping them to learn how to become more efficient financially.  Hospital Chief Executive Officer Chuck Bill, "The Moss Adams project is a deep dive looking at our efficiencies and our opportunities to grow revenue, save expenses, and be more efficient.  We will have a more detailed strategic planning session in the spring."

The board is scheduled to hold a half day retreat on February 10 from 9 am to 1 pm

Bill said special funding helps the hospitals finances, "Things are tough for rural hospitals.  We are showing a small positive margin year to date and on a month to month basis thanks to the medicaid rural demonstration project.  It is contributing about $250,000 per month to reduce the losses we receive from caring for medicaid patients."

A new study found that the cost of Bartlett health care is less than the state average and less than the national average.

The hospital is also working with Dr. Charles Hightower to have an orthopedic surgeon on staff.

The board also requested $700,000 for the Rain Forest remodel project and $300,000 for a building siding project from the CBJ fiscal year 2018 budget.

Board member Dr. Bob Urata said he would like to see a more vigorous program to address adolescent mental health services.


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