JDHS makes list of top ten high school athletic programs in nation

Juneau Douglas High School has ranked 7th in USA Today's High School Sports Best Athletic Program contest.

Juneau Douglas High School has made the top 10 in the USA Today High School Sports Best Athletic Program contest.

Head Coach Robert Casperson made the announcement Thursday on Capital Chat with host Sharon Gaiptiman.

" We actually finished in the top ten, ranking at number seven in the nation," Casperson began. " That encompasses every program at JDHS. That's a testament to Juneau and people getting out there and being supportive of their community. I've thought for years that Juneau has an amazing number of athletes and participants in activities that come out of here and do great things in college and beyond, and it's really unusual for such a small, isolated community to have something like that. It really comes down to the support they get at younger ages."

An upcoming athletic opportunity for Juneau youth is the boys and girls Fast Break Club Basketball Camps, beginning June 13th.

"We need to get people registered now; we have about 30 or 40 slots left in Camp One. Camp Two, which is for the older kids, has a little more room and it's another week away. Camp 1 is June 13th through 17th for kids entering 2nd through 8th grade, and it's a half-day camp from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Camp Two is June 20th through 25th, and that will be kids from 8th through 12th grade; they're a little more focused on the gameplay. Camp One is $100, and Camp Two is $200. The scholarship avenue we've seen people use in the past, they've gone to some different community organizations and received scholarships there. I would never want to turn somebody away; if there was a family in need that came to me, we would work something out for sure.

The Crimson Bears were also recently crowned the state basketball champs.

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