Juneau artist Pat Race authors animation on Dunleavy budget

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Race, with financial backing from former Rep. Justin Parrish, created the video to inform Alaskans on an opposing view of the governor's proposed budget.


The animation, which features Race as a narrator, was created after a discussion between Parrish and the staff at Alaska Robotics before Parrish departed the legislature at the end of the last session.

"Rep. Parrish, who was from District 34, had a little bit of money left over in his office account as he left the legislature," Race said. "He approached me about creating this film because he wanted something he could leave behind as a legacy."

Pace says the project took about 250 hours to complete.

"I was very excited to make the film because it's something I love to do," Pace added.

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