Ketchikan Gateway Borough meets

Ketchikan, Alaska (KINY) A fine if you don't curb your dog and a new home for a veterinary clinic were among the topics addressed by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly this week.

The Assembly voted unanimously to approve a rezoning application for property at 355 Carlanna Lake Road for a new home for the Island to Island Veterinary Clinic.  Realtor Bill Bolling said the clinic has been a good neighbor to Ketchikan at their current location on Tongass Avenue, "They are expanding and doing well and they want to find their business a permanent home and they appear to have found one."

Neighbor Jeff White said he supported the project but did have a concern over the noise generated by dogs and other animals being treated, "I'm not sure if there is a plan to sound proof the animals that are kept overnight."

In another issue that involve animals, the Assembly approved an ordinance on first reading that creates a $200 fine for littering if a person does not curb their pet.  Assembly member Felix Wong said many pet owners are responsible owners who clean up after their pets, "There have also been reports that some people have to go through the field before they start baseball practice (and check for feces).  I think this is a good measure for people to pay attention."

Assembly member Judith McCreary said she felt a fine is warranted but she did not agree with the amount, "I think $200 is excessive especially compared to other fines the borough assesses for other infractions.  I can't believe a person should pay 100 percent more for their dog causing a problem than they do for a human doing the same thing."

A final vote will be taken on January 15th.

The Assembly also discussed extensively new flood control maps unveiled by FEMA and the issue of flood insurance.

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