Kiehl talks about Governor's budget proposal on Action Line

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Senator Jesse Kiehl talked about his initial reaction to Governor Dunleavy's proposed budget for next fiscal year while a guest on Action Line Tuesday.

He found it shocking.  He cited what he called "the grabs from municipalities," and the proposal to quit running the Alaska Marine Highway System.

As a former member of the Juneau Assembly, Kiehl is very familiar with the state's attempts to shift costs.  "Usually that stuff trickles down hill.  This is something of a torrent."  

Kiehl sees two possibilities.  One involves negotiating with the Governor on a compromise budget plan. The other involves coming up with a three-quarters majority of the legislature, 45 votes, to override his vetoes.  Kiehl guesses that might be possible on funding for education.  He's uncertain what level of support there would be for other line items.


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