"Let's Talk About It" with Cathy Munoz: This year finger pointing directed at Senate

JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - Do you remember last year’s rant about the “Do Nothing Legislature?” It was the constant chant by the mainstream media and the left.

The goal of the campaign was to change legislative leadership.  This year have you noticed that the finger pointing is directed at a new target?  It’s now the horrible Senate.   

Let me pause here.  The only way to a budget solution will be when the finger pointing stops and work toward an agreement begins.   That work will include a sustainable draw from the permanent fund earnings reserve and elimination of cash credits for small oil companies.

For the time being, on 15 to 4 vote, the Senate defeated an income tax.  But, proponents are not backing down, and the Governor included the broad based tax on the special session call complicating the opportunities for agreement.

Last year, the “Do Nothing” Campaign worked.  With the target now the Senate, will we be fooled again?  Let’s talk about it.

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