Missing WW2 sub located

Honolulu, Hawaii (KINY) The USS S-28 which sunk in 1944 was located this week off the coast Oahu.

The wreck hunting organization STEP Ventures located the sub in 8,700 feet of water according to a report in the Honolulu Star- Advertiser.  It sank with 49 crew members on board during training.

Underwater vehicles and a remotely operated vehicle located the sub.  The USS S-28 had been set to Alaska to defend the Aleutian Islands against a possible Japanese invasion.  It sunk after it made contact with a U.S. Coast Guard ship.  The exact cause of the crash was never determined.  Operating crew error was listed as a possibility along with an equipment problem.

The U.S. Navy plans to review the wreckage and try and determine what brought the sub down.


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