New commercial air field opens in Seattle area

Seattle, WA (ABC and A-P) - The U-S just got a brand new commercial airport, something that doesn't happen too often according to a report from ABC News.

A commercial airliner with paying passengers onboard taking off from Paine Field north of Seattle.

Alaska Airlines flight 2878 took off for Portland marking the first commercial flight out of the airport which has historically been a testing ground for Boeing jets.

Alaska and United will serve the airport with its brand new terminal. It means travelers who live north of Seattle won't have to make the long drive to Sea-Tac Airport

United Airlines will begin commercial flights on March 31.

Brett Smith, CEO of Propeller Airports, which will operate the two-gate terminal, projects 1.2 million travelers will pass through Paine Field each year.

The Federal Aviation Administration its environmental review on late last month and didn't find any significant noise or traffic impacts from the 24-planned daily departures. That review had been delayed due to the recent government shutdown.



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