On-site consumption of marijuana approved

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer approved the regulations Tuesday that allows customers to use 1 gram of cannabis and 10 milligrams of edibles each day.

The rules were approved by the Marijuana Control Board in December.

It will cost stores $1,000 to apply for the on-site endorsement.  It will cost $600 to apply to renew the endorsement.  There will also be a $2,000 annual fee for the endorsement.

The state will require on-site consumption in a freestanding building with a secure door separating it from the rest of the store.

Employees cannot consume on-site nor can shoppers bring marijuana products purchased elsewhere and consume them at the store.

Intoxicated or drunken customers would be banned.

Local governments can opt out of the state regulations if they choose.

The new regulations will take effect on April 11.

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