Report released on crab boat disaster

Seattle, Washington (AP) - The crab boat's owner and captain were blamed for a 2017 voyage in the Bering Sea that claimed six lives.

The report found the captain decided to head out in hazardous conditions and then failed to have the crew combat ice buildup on the deck that made the boat top heavy.

The Seattle-based fishing vessel, the Destination, went missing on Feb 11, 2017, off a remote Alaska island.  The bodies of the crew have never been found.

The report also found the boat was overloaded and that the crew was fatigued.  The crew also left open a hatch that allowed rapid flooding.

The vessel capsized in a matter of minutes giving the crew very little time to react, the report added.

The fishing industry remains one of the most dangerous occupations in the nation.

Some family member asked why criminal charges could not be filed against the boat's owners.

"Six people lost their lives," said Gayle Andrew, mother of crewman Darrik Seibold. "This is just not right."

The National Transportation and Safety Board also conducted an investigation into the incident

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