Senator Wilson claims he has been cleared of sexual harassment claim

Photo from Alaska legislature website

Wasilla, Alaska (KINY) Senator David Wilson held a press conference Thursday and said he has been cleared of a sexual harassment claim from an incident in June.

Wilson also denied a reporter's claim that he assaulted him at the Capital last May. 

Wilson requested the state release a report and video of the alleged incident where he was said to have placed a cell phone between the legs of a female staffer.  He denied that occurred.  He said the report cleared him of claims of inappropriate behavior.

Wilson also requested that House Speaker Bryce Edgmon and House Rules Chair Gabrielle LeDoux step down from leadership roles for comments they made during the investigation.

Wilson also asked for KTVA News to issue an apology for their coverage of the event.  On the evening newscast, KTVA reported that News Director Janis Harper released a statement that said "KTVA stands behind its reporting."

Wilson said he was only standing in the hallway chatting with a cameraman and was told he had to move. A house committee meeting was going on behind closed doors at the time.  He questioned the request but said the cell phone was not turned on and he never bent down and placed the phone between anyone's legs.

Senate President Pete Kelly has asked the Senate Rules Committee to hold a hearing on the report and then consider its release to the public.

Mr. Edgmon released a statement Thursday and said Wilson crossed the line by using a press conference to chastise individuals and that he thinks this violates the legislature's harassment policy and warrants investigation by the Senate.

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