"Shocking" is how Representative Story describes Governor's budget

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Representative Andi Story sums up her reaction to Governor Dunleavy's budget proposal very succinctly. "It was shocking," she said on Action Line.

Representative Story talked about the proposed spending plan on the Action Line program that airs Monday.  She said many of her colleagues believe the path forward is not abrupt change.  "We realize we need to come together with a  reasonable budget to move us forward," she said.

If the Governor uses his red pen to veto budget increases added by the Legislature, Representative Story feels there will be the necessary three-quarters supermajority to override, especially when it comes to education spending.  She believes that is one of the biggest outcries.

A veto override requires 45 votes, or a three-quarters majority of the 60 lawmakers.

Meanwhile, the House Education Finance Subcommittee on which Story serves started its work Monday morning.  Story said they are starting with the adjusted Fiscal Year 19 budget.

Governor Dunleavy unilaterally removed $20 Million from the supplemental budget for education approved last year.  Story says he can't do that.  Instead, the House and the Senate would have to approve a bill to repeal that $20 Million.  There has been no representative or senator wanting to do that yet, according to Story.  If a bill is introduced, Story predicts it would not pass. 

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