Taku Lanes loses beer and wine license, legislative fix needed to get it back

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - A petition drive is underway to support legislation that would restore the liquor license for Juneau's only bowling alley and other recreational centers and sporting events.

Taku Lanes has been denied a renewal of its beer and wine liquor license.

Juneau Senator Jesse Kiehl was asked about that on Action Line.  He explained that there is a relatively new director at the Alcohol Marijuana Control Office.  "She's doing the fine tooth comb test.  She's finding stuff that doesn't, in her view, explicitly meet the letter of the law."

Kiehl sais the Legislature is now playing catch up because its a different interpretation of the law that's been on the books for a long time.

Kiehl said he intends to talk to the sponsor of Senate Bill 16 to see if Taku Lanes can keep its beer and wine license.

The sponsor of Senate Bill16 is Kenai Senator Peter Micciche.  The measure was reported out by the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee late last month and is now pending action by Senate Finance.


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