Tammie Wilson Says a Sexual Harassment Class Isn't Enough

Representative Wilson prepares for the upcoming session

Representative Tammie Wilson refuse to attend class, despite threats to cut staff.

Today, the Alaska State house of Representatives are mandated to attend Sexual Harassment training, or potentially face losing some of their staff. Tammie Wilson from North Pole, is refusing to attend. In the session yesterday, Wilson was visibly perturbed when representative Matt Claman stood before the house and argued that the legislature responded appropriately and swiftly to the sexual harassment of a staffer. News of the North caught up with Tammie Wilson after the session adjourned she argues that it wasn't until the story caught widespread media attention that the legislature's human resources department decided to take action.

Representative Tammie Wilson will be absent from all future sexual harassment training until the legislature allows a 3rd party to investigate harassment claims. She says the governing body is incapable of policing itself.


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