Thibodeau's Liquor License Transfer Approved for Douglas Depot

Juneau, AK (KINY) - At the Assembly meeting, the liquor license transfer of Thibodeau's Liquor for a proposed new retail space on Douglas was approved.

We asked Pete Thibodeau, the owner of Thibodeau's Market, on the plans for that space.

“I’ll put in an above-ground tank and take the old tanks out with new dispensers with new credit card readers. Then, we will take ownership of the property and then we will put some new coolers in and clean it up a little bit and put a little convenience store in there.”

Thibodeau also spoke of future plans if the store does well.

“If people like it and we get some feedback on that and it does well, then we'll probably put up another building and a nicer bigger building and then we'll tear the little building down.”

The transfer was first brought through the Human Resources Committee, where there was call that the public process wasn't adequate enough. There were worries about the store being too close to a church, but the building falls within legal parameters. We asked Beth McEwen, the Deputy City Clerk, about what the process looks like, at least from the perspective of the city.

She described that for both marijuana and liquor licenses.

“For marijuana, there is quite a bit more involved and it goes through the Community Development Department before the Planning Commission and there's a separate process from the process that we do in internal city review once we get notice from the Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office. We have a 60-day comment period from the time we are notified from the Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office to the time the assembly has to submit its comments to the Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office as to whether or not we protest the issuance or the renewal or the transfer of either a liquor license or a marijuana license.”

She further explained those 60 days.

“Within that 60 day comment period, is the time that we take for staff review. Staff looks at it from the fire perspective, fire codes, Community Development, the building codes, Finance reviews it to make sure that they're paying their sales tax and any property tax and that sort of thing and the utility Public Works Division reviews it for the utility billing.”

“Then, they send a recommendation through the Clerk’s Office to the Assembly. If there’s any recommendation for protest it goes through the Human Resources Committee and then it goes to the Assembly with a recommendation coming out of that HRC meeting. For anything without a protest, it goes straight to the Assembly on the Consent Agenda, we notice it in the public notice every Friday in the Municipality Ad.”

McEwen also talked about the responsibilities of the applicant.

“In addition to the city piece of things, the Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office requires the license applicants to not only publish in a newspaper of Juneau circulation, but also on public bulletin boards around town that this license action is happening. So our piece of the puzzle is one small piece.

We then asked if she thought there should be any changes to the overall process.

“The overall license notice I think it's pretty adequate.”


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