Two teenage boys rescued from iceberg near Mendenhall Glacier

The two boys were stranded after their sailboat broke loose from where it was tied to the ice.

Two teenage boys have been rescued from an iceberg near the Mendenhall Glacier.

On Wednesday June 22, Capital City Fire and Rescue responded to the Mendenhall Glacier with special teams and a rescue jet boat for two teenage boys that were stranded on an iceberg. The two boys had tied off their sailboat on the ice, but the sailboat broke loose from the mooring and the boys were stranded.

According to Assistant Chief Ed Quinto, CCFR's rescue jet boat with 3 special team personnel went to the iceberg and retrieved the boys off the iceberg. They were placed back on shore to their sailboat where they continued their sailing adventure.

There were no injuries and CCFR units were placed back in service.

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