U.S Postal service braced for rush

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) If you have to send letters and packages in time for Christmas, you still have time.

The U.S. Postal service has hired additional counter help and carriers to help with the holiday rush this year, Spokesperson Dawn Peppinger said. "We try to staff with more people assisting at the lines.  Some offices like Mendenhall Valley have a self service kiosk, that is staffed and ready to roll for customers who use the post office after hours.  We do our best to keep the lines moving,"

The deadline to send packages or letters by priority mail is December 20th.  The deadline to send priority mail express packages and letters is December 21.  You can still send a package by ground to another address in Alaska if it is in the mail by December 15th.

Peppinger urged consumers to use their website, usps.com to make their mailing more convenient this year.

She also had some tips on how to keep your packages safe.  You can require the receiver to sign for packages.  You can also speak to your carrier and provide them a safer spot to leave packages if you are not home. 

Peppinger also urged the public to keep their addresses well marked at your home as part time carriers might not be familiar with your property.  "In some cases the customer, before the package comes, can put in a request to redirect the package to set inside the garage door, as an option for customers, it is called the informed delivery program and they can sign up and see what mail is coming to them."


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